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Friday, March 27, 2009

How Does Your Mind Create? by Michelle L. Casto, Ph.D.


Knowing how your mind works is a great advantage in the modern world Thoughts.jpg

especially since it creates your reality.  

Whether it is a happy and successful reality is up to you.  

Successful (or effective) people know their own minds and recognize the relationship between their thinking and their reality. 


They make spiritually smart decisions that are in alignment with a higher power source.

Successful people look within for guidance.

Unsuccessful (or ineffective) people have no clue what they are thinking and see no relationship between their thoughts and their reality.  They make unconscious decisions that are disconnected from a higher power.  Unsuccessful people look to other people for guidance. 

A major problem in the world today is that human beings have not developed their thinking skills. 

Here's a thought to ponder (I love brain twisters).

Just because you have a thought does not mean you are thinking!

Thoughts fly through our heads all day long (to the tune of about 65,000 a day, and 95% of those are thoughts we have already thought, and those are negative and limiting). 

In this mode, we are on autopilot and going nowhere fast, circling the same territory again and again.

Thinking involves a conscious and deliberate act to monitor and choose the thoughts you want to think.

It involves asking yourself questions so you can gain insight and revelation.  It is kind of like conscious dialoguing with yourself and a higher power.

It's been said many times in the field of self-help that we become what we think about all day long.  So when we allow unconscious and negative thoughts to run through our minds all day long, guess what our reality is like?! 

Not a pretty picture. 

Speaking of pictures, are you aware that your brain thinks in images?

Let me demonstrate....

If I were to say--- think of a horse. 

You would think of a horse

If I were to say--- think of a purple horse.                      

You would think of a purType Dreample horse.



If I would say--- DON'T think of a horse.

You would still think of a horse.

See what I mean!

So what are you telling yourself-what to do or what not to do?

Follow me..

If you are saying to yourself:

Don't make a mistake.

Your subconscious cannot see "don't" so it "sees" mistake and that is what you get. 

In fact, research shows the brain cannot "compute" words like no, don't can't, not and yet we use them all the time.

(To do your own research, keep a log of the number of times you and those around you use these words in our daily conversations!)  You will be astonished.

I was--- especially when I did my job on the junior high campus:  "Don't run. Don't talk."  "No talking. "
Ha. The kids do just the opposite! 

 To grow new neural pathways in your brain,  you may want to think/say something like this:

type-passionI am completely focused and get my work done ahead of schedule.

Now your brain can go to work on how to make that happen.      

To change results/reality, you will need to think empowering thoughts many times so it can sink in!

So if you are really interested in learning to overcome your "default thinking mode" and move into enlightened thinking mode, consider getting a copy of my Dissertation called the Science of will save you thousands of hours of research on the power of the brain, why coaching works, and everything you need to know in order to be more successful and happy

You know that all great thinkers have great teachers.

I have studied the BRAIN and I can help you understand yours and train it to work for you and not against you.  Watch your email for two new programs you may want to upgrade your brain (and your life)  this summer. 


Michelle L. Casto, Ph.D., is known at the Soul Coach, because she helps with people get in touch with the work that ignites their fire, and empowers them to shine their bright light in the world. As an inspirational speaker and author, she teaches people how to gain a higher understanding of themselves and uses a unique soul-centered and integrative process that taps into their passion, purpose, and power.  Her latest book, Get Your Career on the Fast Track:  A Navigational Guide for the Modern Manager, is a comprehensive and interactive book that covers career management from A=Z.  Sign up for your free jump start your career change package at or visit any of her life-transforming websites:

copyright by Michelle L Casto, Ph.D. September 2006

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Age of the Soul & The Purpose of You By Michelle L. Casto

Read an Excerpt From Bright Michelle's Latest Ebook, Evolve Your Soul Series... 

We are here to do a great work because the mind that created us knew what it wanted us to do when it created us. --- Raymond Barker


We are undergoing an alchemical transformation of what it means to be human.

Traditionally, we have held two world views:  material and mystical.   I believe we will be moving beyond a dualistic world view to a holistic worldview where everything---light, dark, material and mystical unify and harmonize.

A Course in Miracles teaches that welfare of the world depends on you learning.  Learning what you might ask?  Learning to live a higher life and learning to actualize your humanity and mature into your divinity

The time for spiritual education is here. We can no longer cast a blind eye to the ills, wrongs, and general ignorance of our current reality.  It is time for an end of the ego and the rise of the Soul.

Many prophecies about the Shift of Consciousness that is occurring between now and 2012 have emerged from ancient traditions of the Mayans, Hopi, Zulu. With this ending of a cycle comes a sense of loss and the opportunity for massive expansion.

A new consciousness is being birthed on the planet, I call it the Age of the Soul, because inner lights are being awakened and activated, causing humanity to grow its angel wings.   We are blessed with the very real opportunity to ascend higher up the evolutionary scale, where we can experience our own version of heaven on earth.

You have everything you need to be a pioneer in this new age of practical spirituality.   The good news is that the divine you is not something you need to create. God already did that. The divine you is the light and love that you are. Your job is to clear the blockages so you can shine bright.  

The New energy arriving on planet Earth requires a new and upgraded human being, one in sync with their soul's purpose and strong in loving presence, a divine human.

Now more than ever we are called to trust our inner knowing and make spiritually smart life decisions.

We live in an era that is inspiring souls to awaken and take action. 

Brightest Blessings Let everyone get in their destined place.   It's time to for us to unite and create a  bright new reality.  This work requires the heart, hands, and intentions of as many people as possible.  We will need to create new solutions to modern-day problems, and be called upon to work together collaboratively. 

First let us understand what the soul is.  As C.S. Lewis so eloquently puts it: 

"You do not have a soul. You are a soul.  You have a body."   The soul is the spiritual essence behind your physical form.   It is eternal, unlimited, and connected to Infinite Intelligence.  It knows who we are, why we are here, and where we are going.

Thus it is no accident that You are here on Earth at this time of the Great Shift in Consciousness (or the fact that you are reading this).

The divine's plan for salvation includes you.  
You are at a choice point. 
Will you choose to ascend or remain stagnant? 

Your answer to this question may reveal how ready you are to show up and shine:

What do you think when you think." if others saw the real me, they would ?"

Marianne Williamson says, "They would be blinded by my light!"
When we can see ourselves as divine, light and love filled beings with wisdom to share, gifts to bring, then we can see it in others.


So it's the divine time for YOU to:

  1. Reclaim your divine inheritance  
  2. Accept that you are anointed and appointed to do great things.
  3. Take action on your desires and dreams.
  4. Shine your bright light.

Our greatest opportunity will be to stand in our true power and glory-to radiate our light for all to see, no more turning it down so others won't feel uncomfortable or holding back our power and presence.  

In this great awakening, Truth will be revealed and most especially masks will be removed. Games and manipulations will be seen for what they are and the reign of the ego will end.

Socrates said that the purpose of life is the enlightenment of the soul vs the pursuit of materialism that leads to darkness.   Since much of our history has been about the accumulation of things, it seems natural that in this Age of Soul,  for a deep change to occur in where and how we find our happiness.

I hold the belief that the curriculum for our enlightenment has been set by our soul and that LIFE gives us the opportunities to collect the keys to our eternal wisdom. 

In life, we experience 3 major challenges: 
Power-oriented-making a stand/being courageous
Love---expressing and receiving love
Intellect---developing our mind and creating things.

Using the keys to the kingdom, we can grow into our expanded self & fulfill our divine destiny in each of these areas and more.      Reflections of my Soul Photo

3 Keys to the Kingdom

Key 1:  Conscious Learning Learning is the connection for your soul's evolution
Knowing yourself is understanding both your personality and your divinity and creating a life that harmonizes with both aspects of your Self.
Along the way, you may learn lessons, however, the main thing is to learn to be a conscious creator and masterfully apply the skills of cognition and choice to manifest a reality that you adore.

Key 2:  Soul Purpose
To discover and live one's soul purpose is essential to your well being.  
Look within at your desires, dreams, aspirations, and longings that you carry in your heart of hearts.
Ask not, Can I do it?  But Will I enjoy it? 
Ask not, What can I get, Ask, What Can I give?

Fulfilling your purpose means creating a pathway to your soul's highest happiness and inner fulfillment, which can be expressed in 3 ways-universal purpose, personal purpose, and professional purpose.
(To discover your Soul's Purpose:

Key 3:  Conscious Creation
Understanding the idea that thoughts are things is the first step to re-creating your reality.   Harnessing the laws of the universe such as law of attraction, law of action, law of reciprocity, law of intention, etc will make this effortless.
The first and most important step is to make the decision to be happy and successful. Keep in mind,  the brain does not make the human, the human makes the brain by what he thinks about, focuses on, and what he allows to influence his thinking.

A classic explanation of all this comes from the book, As a Man Thinketh   by James Allen:Jesusknocking

"Of all the beautiful truths pertaining to the soul which have been restored and brought to light in this age, none is more gladdening or fruitful of divine promise and confidence than this - that man is the master of thought, the molder of character, and maker and shaper of condition, environment, and destiny."

Here is how it works:

As you begin to know yourself, you begin to master yourself.

As you begin to master yourself, you begin to recreate your reality based on your soul's longings and desires


Here is an Affirmation to empower you:

I absolutely know and experience my  brilliant and illuminated mind.
Light energy from heaven guides my path and from here my genius shines brightly.

Welcome to the Age of the Soul, you beautiful Soul, You.

Just released!

Click here to Purchase the new Bright Michelle Ebook, Evolve Your Soul Series: Collection of Soul Growing Inspiration

When you get this ebook, you will learn about the 4 stages of Soul Evolution, learn why it pays to get and stay awake, and gain access to 11+
soul-shifting exercises you can do that will accelerate your awakening to power.
Introductory price of $14.97

***Act now and receive 2 free weeks of e-coaching (value of $127)



Bright Michelle

Michelle L. Casto is known as The Soul Diva.  Diva in Sanskrit means "shining, light of God."  Michelle knows there is a divine spark within every human being that longs to fully ignited and expressed.  She works with people who are unsure about the next best step to take in life and helps them by building a bridge to their inner self and then uses that connection to tap into the wisdom of their own souls.  With these foundations in place, she coaches them through all of life's changes and decisions. Through a revolutionary process called soul excavation, she teaches the 6 Life Mastery Lessons. (Shine, Integrate, Dance, Communicate, Seek, Decide)

Visit virtually: (receive free Soul Success chapter) (receive free Transform Your Life E-Report) (receive free Jump Start Your Career Change package)


�November 2008  The Age of the Soul & The Purpose of You   By Michelle L. Casto Ph.D.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Possible Answer to What is the Shift?


I love how the Divine speaks to me.  I had several people ask me, what is this SHIFT I keep  heLoveLight_Equilibrium_2k_SIGNEDaring about.

I opened a book and received insight. This is an excerpt from Marianne Williamson, a luminary, and someone I have had the pleasure to spend a little time with personally, who I believe is such a blessing to us all.

This comes from her 1994 book Illuminata, and is in the very beginning in the chapter on Renaissance:

The antidote for what is fundamentally wrong is the cultivation of what is fundamentally right.

Should we choose to expand who we are on a fundamental level, new structures will replace the casualties of premillenial disintegration, and the next twenty years will usher in an age of light more dazzling than the world has ever known.

..Ultimately, the choice to love each other is the only choice for a survivable future. The meek shall inherit the earth because everyone else will have died upon their swords.

.The opening of the heart is an awesome personal politic, providing us with an internal strength greater than any worldly power.

As we receive God's love and impart it to others, we are given the power to repair the world. We have begun to recognize that our individual minds create our collective realities , and we are taking more responsibility for the world by taking more seriously our individual contributions to it.

Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.

We are learning, loving, lighting, shifting, being, and maturing into our TRUE SELVES.

MW says "We are looking not so much for more ground to conquer, but for a truer ground of being on which to stand inside ourselves. The most positive breakthroughs of our times are internal.

This history of the world is the history of control.... seizing someone's soul is the ultimate form of control, because without soul we are without love. Without our love, we are without our power."

So in my estimation, when each of us does what we each are called to do, in my case, free people's souls from any imaginary form of imprisonment, then all those soul seeds start sprouting, and when the time is ripe, a new earth is born.

Be the change, says Gandhi.
When we change, the world changes. So Be this.

Michelle L. Casto, Ph.D.  is known as the Soul Coach, because she helps people get in touch with the work that ignites their inner fire, and empowers them to shine their bright light in  the world.  As an inspirational speaker and author, she teaches people how to gain a higher understanding of themselves, and uses a unique Soul-Centered and Integrative process that taps into their passion, purpose, and power. Her latest book, Get Your Career on the Fast Track:  A Navigational Guide for the Modern Manager is a comprehensive and interactive book that covers career management from A-Z. 

Enroll in the Career Change Academy:
or visit any other of her life-transforming websites:  to help you shine more brightly in all dimensions of your life. to transform any area of your life NOW articles, books, and resources to live wisely
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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Day I Decided a Job Was Too Small for My Soul

  Colorful Dove
  by Michelle L. Casto, Ph.D

For a few years, I desperately tried to fit a square peg in a round hole in the corporate environment.
And guess what, it was not pretty.
During that time, I thought there was something wrong with me because I had all the worldly success symbols--- college degrees, a good job with a big name company, benefits, etc, and yet;
I was miserable.

In fact, the whole situation was making me sick. 

The culture was toxic---politics and favorites reigned supreme.  I am sure you know what I am talking about.

I just about burned myself out in my twenties, just going to work, coming home, falling into bed, and doing it all again day after day.  I especially resented how my time was dictated, especially my days off.  

I found out later that many organizations, just like families, are highly dysfunctional and those who know how to play the game get rewarded, while those with integrity and heart, are seen as threats to the system (aka status quo).

I once got reprimanded for being too passionate!

I told the supervisor, "I thought I was supposed to care about my job and those that I serve!"
I knew I was in trouble when I kept having dreams about work that would wake me in the middle of the night!

The real deal breaker, though, was when my personal values conflicted with the organization's values---they seemed willing to do just about anything to make a buck. 

For me, the typical 9-5 work situation felt more like a self-created prison.

I held the belief then and certainly do now, that work not only could be fun, it was supposed to be fun. I knew I had to find something else or I was going to be unhappy for a really long time---like my whole life.

I decided very early on in my career that I was not going to find what I was looking for in a traditional work environment. 

One day, I woke up and just said, Today I choose to be happy. I Quit my job and have not looked back since.

Gratefully, I followed my inner guidance and was led to Life Coaching. Over the course of these years, I have had many wonderful mentors and coaches, and all have helped me grow in different ways.
That was over 15 years ago, and Coaching is the best job on the planet for me because I get to help people clarify and claim their dreams. And then we work together in partnership as those dreams become their new reality.

Of course, being self-employed also has its good days and bad days, positives and negatives. However, I would not my freedom for any amount of money in the world.

Everyday I wake up and thank God for the work that I do, the people I work with, and the lifestyle it affords me. You can have the same experience just by being willing to learn a new way of life.

If you would like to go from career to entrepreneur, visit

Michelle L. Casto is known as the Soul Diva Coach (Diva is Sanskrit for shining light of the divine) Speaker, and Author of the Get Smart! LearningBook Series.  Her coaching practice is Brightlight Coaching; she helps people come up with bright ideas for their life and empowers them to freely shine their bright light to the world.  She loves working with women to discover their inner Business Goddess.

Call for a Complimentary Soul Coaching session (361) 232-3939.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Activate the Light That Is You

The master teacher, Jesus, said, I am the light of the world and that You are the Light.

Light is attractive. You too have a light that attracts….an inner light. Some people shine with joy. Others emit a ray of hope. Some glow with love. Still others shine with positive energy and enthusiasm. Be an inviting light and turn your light on. Be someone else ray of sunshine. Share a smile. Use words of encouragement. Write a sweet note. Practice random acts of kindness. Give a hug. When you allow people to see tour bright light and bask in your warm radiance, you reflect more of your divinity.

The 16th century Sufi poet Rumi wrote,
For ages you have come and gone, courting delusion. For ages you have run from the pain and forfeited the ecstacy. So come, return to the root of root of your own soul.Although you appear in earthly formYour essence is pure Consciousness. You are the fearless guardian of Divine Light. So come, return to the root of the root of your own soul.

So you have some big problems, right? You may have tried to fix them before with little result. I have good news. No matter how big or daunting a situation you find yourself in, you can transform it.

You come from Source, a loving, creative force. If you think like God and be like God, you realize the incredible power you have to create. Author of many amazing books, Dr. Wayne Dyer says, Keep your thoughts centered on light and what you want, rather than on dark and what you do not want. Practice seeing the light within you. Bring light thoughts to every circumstance of darkness. It is so common to do precisely the opposite when you do, you attract more illusions of the dark.

Remember that you are part of Source, which is Light and Love.
Yurimen said, Everything has a bright and dark side to it. Those who see only the dark side of things bring sorrow and pain upon themselves. To those who are able to see at the same time the bright side of it, everyday is a good day.

Wake Up!
It is time to become conscious about who you are and what you want out of life. A key activity in adulthood is looking at the basic beliefs that are running your life. And ask: Do these beliefs work? Do they bring me happiness?

Often, the answer is no, you adopted the belief under duress and it is no longer appropriate. If your life is not working, it is time to identify limiting beliefs and replace them with life affirming ones. So begins your education in spiritual wisdom.

Right now, a shift in consciousness is happening. We are graduating from the old school of living that was about education for personal gain, and money as the motivator, to the new school of enlightenment for humanity evolution, and Truth as the inspiration.

We are moving out of the darkness of unconsciousness, which is fear-based, closed, and mired in negative emotions to the light of consciousness, which is love -based, courageous, open, and overflowing with positive emotions.

Light and dark cannot cohabitate, so when you turn the light on, it dissipates the darkness. You can activate your own soul code that contains your manifest destiny by simply choosing to stop looking outside of yourself for salvation and start looking within.

The source within you manages energy to draw to you what you want. Who you are is light. You are one with the source of creation. Therefore you are a creator. Source is unlimited. Therefore you are unlimited. Awaken from the things that scare you by shining a light on them. Scary ideas keep you stuck and living a mediocre, small, limited life. Inspirational ideas free you to live a great, big, unlimited life.

You can have more of what you want. You only have to believe it and ask for it. There is an important reminder that God wants you to hear: anything you can imagine is yours to be, do, and have. It is all there for the creating. What is inside you is what creates what is out there. You are in control. You create experiences, be they good or bad. You do it all. You are it all. You may as well get used to using divine powers to manifest what you want instead of what you do not want.

The author of Power vs. Force, Dr. Hawkins says that, what is meant by the term ‘soul’ is the capacity to experience life. Are you experiencing life to the fullest extent possible and expressing your greatest potential? If not, working with a professional coach can assist you to sift through the dark silt of life and forge a bright, soul-fulfilled life.

You are a powerful soul with divine powers, such as the ability to give and receive love, manifest your desires, think analytically, experience feelings, and understand and learn your unique lessons. You are completely unique unto yourself---on the entire planet, there is only one light like yours.

You are the greatest miracle in the world. Activate. Be divine and shine your unique bright light to the world Now.

Michelle L. Casto is known as the Soul Diva Coach (Diva is sanskrit for shining light of the divine) Speaker, and Author of the Get Smart! LearningBook Series. Her coaching practice is Brightlight Coaching, she helps people come up with bright ideas for their life and empowers them to freely shine their bright light to the world. She specializes in helping people access the wisdom of their soul and recreate an amazingly fun, fulfilling and free lifestyle.

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