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Testimonials for Bright Michelle

I remember being desperate and frazzled. The constant “push” mode that I was stuck in was sucking the very life out of me! I’m not going to say I’m where I want to be necessarily, but now I’m able to keep it in perspective and say, “that’s okay, here is good…for now” instead of pushing for something different when I’m clearly not finished learning what I’m meant to where I am at. I guess I’m finally learning to let go and let God and every day I think about everything that has happened and I can usually always find one thing that’s really important that I learned, or I see a situation that I handled with grace instead of getting stressed out like I normally would have. I’m finding it easier to trust the universe as well as myself and I’m getting more and more in tune with my intuition every day. Instead of thinking, “when am I going to get what I want?” I’m thinking, “I can’t wait to see what unfolds next!” Thank you from my heart—Lisa Hedgecoth

I know a thousand more things about myself than I did a year ago. I know that life is an opportunity rather than something to be overcome. I can choose to be happy. Everyone once in awhile, I go into what Dr. Michelle calls “default mode,” and get frantic about HOW it is all going to work out, but then I relax and remember that I will see the opportunity when it shows up. I am so thankful to now know that the Universe is not teaching me a lesson or out to get me, but that the world is just responding to me. Today I feel like a bunch of bricks are breaking apart and the real me is showing through!”
Gina Bennette, Education Consultant, New Orleans, LA

Hear how one Martha Salas “happened across her guide” and came to work with Michelle:

“Soul coaching with Michelle was in a word profound. I found myself working at levels that I would not have expected to work via telephone and email, but the form did not seem to matter only the spirit of the work. I found that Michelle’s questions supported a process of deep reflection and truth and her observations, while I did not always agree with them, brought me face to face with myself as I am. I had thought that coaching would 1) help me to get clear about my life direction and 2) result in me moving forward into a better paid job that was more fulfilling.

I found that I did get clear about my life direction and that was quite a process as layers of thought patterns covered over the beauty and truth within. Michelle helped me to see some of these though patterns and to drop them away at least for a time so as I could let my soul light shine through. I also had the realisation that my job didn’t matter or at least was not the problem and finding another job was not the solution.

Making soul choices is different, I have dropped a day at work, begun to study herbal medicine, I meditate more and feel I am on my spiritual path. I am beginning to see that everything I do is soul work and am more open to the unfolding of each moment. I am more peaceful, joyful and while my choices may or may not result in a large income, I am dancing in the universe and it is a dance of joy. There is a sense of life unfolding like a beautiful flower that reveals its fragrance,beauty and fullness as a gift to the world.” With love, gratitude and blessings. —Katherine Mansfield, Energy Healer, Australia

Michele Blood, co-author with Bob Proctor shares why Bright Michelle is a true “bright light”:

“You have helped me both step back to examine and go deep to explore. I now have clarity – and peace! – about what I want, and am energized in going about getting it. In a few short months, I have gone from someone who felt her life draining out of her to someone active, happy and very engaged in life. I have much to thank you for, and I am very, very grateful.” —Judy Moscovitz, Retired Best-Selling Author, Victoria, Canada

I have learned how to stay in the present, manage my emotions, and make the wisest decision possible. I have been impressed with myself and how I handle the bumps in the road of my life.”
—Melanie Westergard, Professional Organizer, Minneapolis, MN

“Some people move our souls to dance—she is one of them! Michelle Casto is a national treasure.”
Denice Small, San Antonio, TX

“I have been through some major life and career changes with a recent lay off, and Michelle’s coaching helped me put the pieces of my life together.—Peggy Woodward, Colorado Springs, CO

“During my awakening I was feeling a bit anxious and uneasy, trying to do everything all by myself and going from one direction to the next with little feelings of clarity or confidence. From my work with Michelle, I have reclaimed my leadership abilities; becoming more of who I am, and leading by example. There has also been a shift at home, and I am showing up as more loving and understanding. From this inner transformation, I am feeling grateful for the things I have. I am beginning to understand my limitless self. I am not afraid of change and this is opening my eyes to possibility. I don’t feel as bound by my limiting beliefs or expectations of what is supposed to be. I am practicing patience, setting intentions and allowing divine timing to present me with
opportunities that my heart can follow.”
—Jeff Leplante, Detroit Michigan

“As I’m reflecting back on where I was and where I’m now – I definitely am way more confident, surrendered, accepting and allowing on my journey now than I was before. All the tools helped me to much more clearly articulate my career and life goal and now it feels like I got on a much more defined track. This has brought me an immense joy and also a sense of adventure – as if learning to dance again – but much more intricate dance – with my Soul andand being fully me. —Albena Kervanbashieva, New York, New York

“Michelle’s coaching is like a potent homeopathic medicine for the soul–just a small dose and I am good for months!”–Alice Geddes, Seattle, WA

“After you took me through the Soul Alignment Technique, I felt an incredible shift in my energy. I woke up the next day more focused and on my purpose than I had been in months. Since then, people who align with my vision have come out of nowhere. My new business increased 200% that week alone. Business owners can sometimes feel like they are going in circles in their business, your work can help them get back on the track of success swiftly and effortlessly. You are a bright light to the virtual business world!—Debra Berndt,

Michelle helped me to SIMPLIFY “who I am”, guiding me into more concisely identifying/stating who I am. “Loving Joyful Supporter and Peaceful Light Photographer.” I finally see how pretty much all that I am/do fits in these two statements. I know that I can look at what’s before me and say….does that fit who I am (aka does that serve me)? Based on those “descriptions” of me. I know that I don’t have to be anything/anyone else. Just WHO I AM right now (and I realize that all of that can refine as I continue to learn and grow…I reserve the right to improve!).
—Love, Joy, Peace, & Light! Sheri Cox, New Mexico

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