Are You Interested in Experiencing ‘Everyday Enlightenment’ by Discovering Your Soul Purpose?

Welcome Beautiful Soul!

You are destined for greatness and have everything within you to create the health, wealth, happiness and success that you desire. With the right information and emotional support, anything is possible.

If you are new to the concept of coaching, you are in for a treat. Mentoring with Michelle is the most effective way for you to discover what it takes to live the life of your dreams. Some ask me….What is ‘Everyday Enlightenment’ ? To me, it means being awake, aware and in choice about the reality that you are creating. ‘Everyday Enlightenment’ learning your Soul’s lessons as you work, play, and relate with others. It is about standing on a spiritual foundation from which you see a bigger picture and aim to bring more light and love to the world.

We believe that a life of Destiny is about discovering & creating yourself on purpose and with the highest consciousness humanly possible.
That’s what we offer at, specifically you will discover:

  • Find out what you what to be when you grow up!
  • Graceful ways to navigate life changes like divorce, job loss, changing careers, or starting a new business venture
  • A caring and knowledgeable guide to walk with you through your personal transformation
  • How to know and live your Soul Purpose/Destiny and build a business around your calling
  • Raise your self-awareness and increase your spiritual intelligence
  • Tap into your inner guidance system and learn to make spiritually smart decisions
  • Life Empowerment home study programs such as Journey to Acceptance, Discover My Destiny and Breakthrough to Greatness that will walk you step-by-step through accessing the wisdom of your own soul
  • Mentoring programs to heal your soul, discover your purpose, and shine your unique light in the world
  • Discover how to experience more magic and miracles in your life, by getting into your Unique Flow and Fluidity
  • A one stop website for the best resources about life success and living your destiny

May we recommend…

1. Sign up to become a member of the Destined for Greatness Community and receive a subscription to the ezine The Enlightened Moment. Just sign up on any page and you will receive 3 destiny gifts plus be on the invitation list for teleseminars and events designed to help you shine your light & live your destiny.

2. Read our blog, All Fired Up on our sister site, Rock Your

3. Try a Soul Activation Session and experience an instant shift in consciousness and healing on the soul level or if you are in business for yourself, then start with a Business Breakthrough Session.

4. Invest in your personal growth with one of our 30+ instantly “everyday enlightenment” downloadable products

5. Read the FAQ’s

6. Receive one-on-one life and business mentoring with someone with the ability to hone in on the heart of the matter quickly and create a Success RX to get you headed towards your unique path to Destiny.

Who is Your Destiny Mentor?
Michelle Casto is the founder of Everyday Enlightenment– a publishing, coaching, and personal transformation company dedicated to helping you experience a life of purpose, power and destiny. Michelle is a “triple blessing” because she combines spirituality with practical business sense and the psychology of success. Her unique soul alignment process clears the mental blocks and makes way for ease and grace. She will help you resolve and dissolve what is holding you back from shining Bright and sharing your Gifts. She is a prolific writer and has 30+ life empowerment products.

Bright Michelle
will empower you to discover what it takes to live your destiny.
With over 15 years of self-discovery and extensive research into human potential, Michelle will help you get clear about who you are by reconnecting with your “original intention.” Once you are clear, you will create a life that matches who you are on the inside and turn your soul’s calling into a profitable business.

Between knowing and doing there is a great gap.
Those who are willing to cross the gap find their greatness.
—-Michelle L. Casto